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Marta Ortiz, Ebru TV News, U.S.A. Correspondent, discusses breaking news stories from Spain on Ebru TV News Pograms (U.S.A). Cable Network Ebru TV airs in major cities across the U.S. and also reaches viewers/listeners in over 80 countries through several television and radio stations.


Marta Ortiz, Corresponsal en los programas informativos del canal de televisión estadounidense Ebru TV, analiza noticias de última hora acontecidas en España. El canal de televisión EBRU TV emite en las principales ciudades de los Estados Unidos de América, además de retransmitir para telespectadores/oyentes de más de 80 países, a través de diversos canales de televisión y radio.


Marta Ortiz, News-Korrespondentin von Ebru TV, berichtet in den News-Programmen von Ebru Tv (U.S.A) live über die aktuellsten Nachrichten aus Spanien. Der Fernsehsender Ebru TV strahlt in den bedeutendsten Städten der Vereinigten Staaten aus und erreicht mittels etlichen Fernseh- und Radiostationen Zuschauer und Zuhörer in über 80 Ländern der Erde.


Marta Ortiz, corrispondente di Ebru TV, tratta notizie dell’ultima ora dalla Spagna sui programmi di attualità di Ebru TV (U.S.A). Il canale televisivo EBRU TV va in onda nelle maggiori città degli Stati Uniti e giunge a utenti in oltre 80 paesi del mondo mediante vari canali tv e stazioni radio.


Spain’s prosecutor’s office says it has opened a preliminary inquiry into the alleged widespread surveillance of its citizens by the US National Security Agency. The office said the inquiry aims to establish whether a crime was committed. Marta Ortiz, broadcast journalist, says the announcement came after Spanish newspapers printed the allegations on Monday.

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BBC Channel – United Kingdom – 2020 Olympic GAMES

Marta Ortiz, TV Correspondent, talks about Madrid´s bid for the 2020 Olympic Games on 5 Live at the BBC Channel, UK.
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Marta Ortiz, Ebru TV News Correspondent, speaks about the train tragedy in Santiago de Compostela on Ebru TV Weekly Report. The driver of a train that derailed in northwestern Spain is being held for further investigation. Meanwhile Spanish aut…



Anchor: Matt Locker  TV Correspondent: Marta Ortiz
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Marta Ortiz, Ebru TV News Correspondent, discusses why youth unemployment levels in Spain are so much higher than other eurozone countries, as well as how Spain´s government is responding to pressure from the EU authorities. Spain Grapples with High Jobless Rate. One eurozone country has been hit particulary hard by the debt crisis. Spain is in the midst of a recession and the coun…


Anchor: Matt Locker TV Correspondent: Marta Ortiz
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